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How to hack pendrive

Some time we want to steal the data from others pen drive/flash drive without their permission.

so today i'm going to tell you an interesting tricks that can make your work easy.
To perform this action you need a PEN DRIVE COPY tool. it's a freeware tool you can download it from HERE.

Pen Drive Copy allows you to automatically copy files from your pen drive to a local 

You will simply need to choose the destination folder.

Remove Shortcut link virus & Retrieve Unhide File-Folder attributes by using command

One sure way to retrieve your file or folder attributes back to unhidden is to use command prompt in windows. All you have to do is described below in steps.


Plug your pen drive to USB port of your computer. Make sure it is detected.


Start command prompt by Click Start>>Run and type cmd then hit enter.


Find the drive letter for the connected USB drive. For example, F:

In command prompt, type F:

Then type

 attrib -s -h /s /d *.* 

Make sure that you put space between each element in the code.

Hit enter, wait a moment and this should unhide all your files on your pen drive. Check Out the screenshot for more to clarify.

How To Block Youtube?

Today i will share with you an amazing peace of programme called Block YouTube Ads . It removes all video ads before and during videos, as well as removes all those ads that pop at the bottom of the screen while the video is playing. It works on all major browser such Internet explorer, google chrome and etc,,,,,


  1. Download Youtube Ads Blocker
  2. Double click on downloaded file.
  3. Follow the on screen instruction.